1st March - 2nd March 2019

    An activity sponsored by LEDET andand organised by Run/Walk For Life Polokwane happens annually during the Marula Festival. With entries from all ages and walks of life, the marathon brings together a culmination of healthy living, happy patrons and proud Limpopo people. And naturally, what woulda race be without prizes. The total prize money adds up to – R70,000, with participants partaking in either the Half-Marathon (21.1km), the 10 km Fun Run or the 5km Fun Run.


    This is a Heritage Phenomenon performed by Traditional Leaders at the beginning of the Marula Season and no Mukumbi/ Morula/ Vukanyi drinking can take place before the Traditional Leaders have performed this heritage phenomenon. It takes place in the various Villages during the harvesting period of the first fruit.

    The official ku Luma Nguva/ Go Loma Morula event will take place Ha-Matshila Royal Council which will serve as the official launch of the Marula Month in Limpopo. A calendar indicating all the build-up events and activities will be unveiled to the media on the same date.


    Golf as one of the side events for the Limpopo Marula Festival has proved to be attracting the relevant stakeholders and thus enhancing the objectives of the festival. The event will still be conducted at Hans Merensky Golf Estate (one of the notable professional golf courses in the country and a unique tourist attraction in Phalaborwa which has capacity to host up to 240 Golfers in a tournament). The 2019 Marula Festival Golf Challenge will be two-day event on Friday, 1st March for Corporate and Social golf round on the 2nd March 2019. Honourable MEC’s for LEDET and DSAC as well as the Hon. Mayor of Ba-Phalaborwa Municipality will officiate at these two golf days.


    This is a melting pot of traditional and all genres of music live performances scheduled for the 23rd February 2019 for the Dance Movement concert and the 02nd March 2019 for Jazz and Gospel concert.

  • History

    LEDET has made a purposeful economic intervention by developing the Limpopo Mukumbi Industries as a viable business industry within the Province, taking advantage of the vast concentration of Marula trees found mostly in the sub-tropical parts of the Province. A Company registration was facilitated through the then LIMDEV now LEDA on behalf of communities that are into the Marula industry and already ten (10) co-operatives as part of formalizing community business structures that are now responsible for the management of the company have been registered with the registrar of Co-Operatives through then LIBSA now incorporated into LEDA.

    The Limpopo Mukumbi Industries was officially launched on the 4th March 2006 during the annual Marula Festival hosted in collaborations with the DSAC at Muti wa Vatsonga. The Limpopo Mukumbi Industries Pty, Ltd has been the official supplier of the home brewed Morula/Mukumbi/Vukanyi beverage from 2006 until 2013 with the exception of 2012 where there was a communication breakdown between LEDET and Ba-Phalaborwa Municipality when a service provider was engaged. However, the involvement of these registered Cooperatives had positive spin-offs on investment into the Industry and also employment of rural community members who assist with harvesting and transportation of the fruit annually depending on the order from the organizers of the Marula festival.

    Since this was a purposeful intervention to utilize the festival as a draw card to attract domestic, regional and international tourists to Limpopo during the Marula season as well as to develop the festival as a marketable brand for Limpopo, a fact-finding mission was carried out in Germany (at the Munich Oktoberfest) in an endeavor to enhance our knowledge and skills on how related festivals are conducted on a sustainable basis.


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